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Welcome to my new Etsy Gallery! Our shop/gallery is run by my husband Wade and myself. I create the artwork and he does pretty much everything else! I will spare you the “started creating art as a 5 year old” story and fast forward to the most recent relevant years. My life as a more dedicated artist started shortly after I got married in 1995. Having moved to Park City, Utah from the Boston area in 1990, I was struck daily by the amazing beauty of the Wasatch Mountains and my little home of Park City.

At the request of some family members, we began creating notecards of my few pieces of artwork in 2000. I was pleased to have started painting again and began working in earnest in 2001. My extremely supportive husband thought my work was coming together so well he thought we should join the local professional artists association and think about participating in the Park City Arts Festival, one of the nation’s top festivals.

He started looking into professional framing of my finished pieces and was concerned about the general high cost of framing. So he decided to teach himself picture framing and he started a small wholesale framing business. We did our first of 12 consecutive Park City Arts Festivals in 2001. With our business and success growing we decided to open an Art Gallery on Park City’s Historic Main Street in 2004. Park City Color carried my work as well as that of 4 other carefully selected artists.

In 2009, the building we occupied was sold to a new owner. We were told our lease would not be renewed as the building would be redeveloped into high end retail and zillion $ condos! The Great Recession had finally landed in Park City in 2009 and it seemed an appropriate time to re-assess our retail art business. As other spaces available in town were 3-4 times the cost of our current space, moving did not seem to be a viable option. We moved in late 2009 to a retail/industrial space on the edge of town. Park City Colors became a part time endeavor for both my husband and I.

With the explosive growth of the online art gallery business over the last few years, now seemed to be an appropriate time to restart our enterprise. In 2014 more art was purchased online than in physical galleries for the first time in history.

Marking our 25th year in Park City, I am thrilled to have resumed my art journey. As you browse my gallery you will find a wide range of topics including Park City scenes both man-made and of nature, a small floral section that celebrates my love of gardens instilled in me by my mother, a growing collection of skiers carving through clouds of epic Utah snow, and a little bit of this and that.

You will find original watercolors and acrylics both framed and unframed, Signed and Numbered Limited Edition giclees, by themselves and matted. There are also a number of large, framed watercolor originals from the Estate of my most prominent collector, Dr. Melissa Herbst, who passed away at far too young an age in 2013. We have agreed to assist Melissa’s father in finding special new homes for these works. Many of these originals are among my most favorite paintings ever created. Each has been exquisitely framed using the highest quality conservation glass and large furniture finished frames that literally glow in the light.

If you have gotten this far in the story of how I arrived on Etsy, thank you for your patience. I hope you will find something that touches your soul, perhaps makes you smile or think of a special person or place in your life.